A story about aging, motherhood and life. About looking back and not understanding how you got to where you are, about wounds so deep that all the energy is spent on not wanting to see them. An intimate drama where, through fiction, the director delves into the wounds of his own family.

Technical Sheet

Feature Film
Original Title: Coraje
Original Version: Spanish
Runtime: 90 min
Format: DCP 
Country: Mexico, Spain
World Premiere: Guadalajara International Film Festival

Cast & Crew

Director: Rubén Rojo Aura
Screenplay: Rubén Rojo Aura, César Tejeda
Cast: Marta Aura (Alma), Simón Guevara (Alejandro), Fernando Becerril (Elejalde), Esteban Soberanes (Pato), María Aura (Luisa), Marilú Cendejas (Carlota).
Production: Rubén Rojo Aura, Raúl Berninches, Peter Keydel, Camila Ibarra, Marco Antonio Salgado, Javier Meza Hernández, Ilanna Guillén, Adrián Bazán Zamudio & Samantha Guillén.
Executive production: Samantha Guillén, Adrián Bazán Zamudio, Peter Keydel, Raúl Berninches, Marco Antonio Salgado & Rubén Rojo Aura. 
Cinematography: Gris Jordana, AEC
Art direction: Rafael Ruiz Espejo.
Costume design: Carla Qua.

Cast & Crew

Editing: Ariadna Ribas & Rubén Rojo Aura. 
Postproduction: Raúl Luna 
Music: Rodrigo Castillo Filomarino Sound: Antonino Isordia Llamazares (direct), Odin Acosta (sound design), Miguel Ángel Molina (mix).
Image laboratory: RedRum Post. 
Production companies: Apapacho Films, Mago Production & Cinema226.
Coproduction: CTT Exp & Rentals, Estudios Churubusco Azteca, Honey Bastards Films, Light Rent, Ítaca Films & BDC Producciones. 
With the support from: Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía – Programa de Fomento al Cine Mexicano (FOCINE), EFICINE-Production 189: Cell Medicine, Grupo Medifarma, Pihcsa Medica, Aspel & ICEC Departament de Cultura (Generalitat de Catalunya)


Alma (Marta Aura) is a 76-year-old actress who is slowly going blind and fears losing her place in the theatre company where she works. Alejandro (Simón Guevara), her 54-year-old son, in an attempt to recover from alcoholism, returns home to her after spending several years in Madrid. The crisis experienced by each character will lead them to recognise themselves as mother and son. A work of fiction based on the director’s family. A sensitive drama in which the acting challenge lies in the characters interpreting themselves